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Graham Architectural Products began manufacturing heavy commercial and architectural grade windows in York, Pennsylvania in 1972. For over 40 years, Graham has become known for its accurate reproductions of historical windows – down to the last detail. During that same time, Graham has added a wide variety of products to its line-up including standard windows and doors and blast resistant, hurricane resistant and acoustical specialty products, and more recently a complete line of curtain wall products with the acquisition of F-M Enterprises – now Graham Architectural Products, Curtain Wall Solutions.

Graham executives and technical staff continuously serve on committees and provide volunteer professional leadership for the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), which defines architectural and residential standards by universally recognized certification criteria.

The company provides comprehensive technical assistance nationwide through field sales representatives and factory toll-free support via Technical Service and Customer Service groups. Call them directly at: 800-755-6274.


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The Graham Group
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Graham is a unique, privately-held entity comprised of several industrial holdings and investment businesses with approximately $3 billion in net assets. Our operational expertise and financial resources, broadened by our global relationships with industrial and financial partners, afford us the ability to not only expand our existing operating businesses, but also to invest in new businesses that complement the Graham family of companies.

We have pursued a global expansion strategy of partnering to reduce market risk, enhance purchasing leverage, and develop specialized technologies.

Graham Engineering is the technological wellspring from which each of our industrial businesses has been launched.

Graham Architectural gained industry-wide respect for its high quality and advanced technology, combining historic aesthetics with enhanced durability, safety, energy conservation, and sound reduction.

Since inception, we have continuously expanded our reach through innovative solutions for customers and partners. Today, our relationships are global, supported by over 50 facilities spanning North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Graham people and companies move quickly—and we pride ourselves on our focus, flexibility, and sense of purpose. We believe in working as a team and that it takes a dedicated team to achieve its goal. From our engineering background, we bring an analytical approach to the appraisal of every business or investment opportunity.

This in-depth process allows us to create solutions that empower our customers and partners to accomplish their objectives. Graham's technological innovation, industrial leadership, and tradition of successful partnership prove that old-fashioned entrepreneurial virtues spell success with global customers and partners. That's why for us the world is our market; not separate countries, and why we look for relationships founded on integrity, responsiveness, and partnership.




   Mission Statement
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Graham Architectural Products (GAP) mission is to produce and deliver the highest quality products and services in the fenestration industry. GAP's vision will be to develop competitive, performance-based products and bring innovation to the industry. GAP will continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. GAP will adhere to the highest standard of business ethics and will embrace a culture of continuous improvement





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Specialty Products

About Graham

For information about Curtain Wall products from our subsidiary Graham Architectural Products, Curtain Wall Solutions, please go to www.fmgraham.com

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AAMA American Institue of Architects Glass Association of North America U.S. Green Building Council National Glass Association Protective Glazing Council International